Outside along the water...my favorite place to be.

Kirstin Anglea, EdD Educational Leadership

Kirstin is teacher, leader, and active member of her community.  She is a lover of meaningful conversation, quiet adventures in nature, and yummy food!

She has been working on being courageous for over 5 decades...moving several times as a child from the Pacific Northwest to the shores of Lake Michigan with parents whose mantras were “Can’t never did anything” and “Where there’s a will there’s a way!” Failure was not an option. Now, with 30+ years experience as a public school teacher, leader, mentor/coach, university professor, parent, and partner, Kirstin has many stories of failure and courage!  Her work with the Center for Courage and Renewal begin in the late 90's.  It guided her decision to leave higher education and return to a deeper engagement with her local community, facilitating Circles of Trust retreats.  Kirstin lives in Central Oregon, but eagerly travels the globe, supporting individuals and communities on this journey of life.  When not working, you’ll find her kayaking, wandering in the wilderness, or enjoying a nice glass of wine with friends.

Peeking out from behind a Cairn.

Peeking out from behind a Cairn.

Dale Skaggs

Dale has extensive management experience in business and in leadership of for-profit and non-profit organizations.  His career experience includes middle management in a large technology company, Director of a university art gallery, VP of Operations and Studios for a visual effects company,  restoration of historic properties, and a decade in congregational leadership in a large church. He finds mystery and courage in transitions; in the photos he takes of dawn and twilight, in organizational change,  and in the widening windows of possibility we open through personal transformation. His heroes at the moment are Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, Parker Palmer, and every person who faces the big questions in their life with courage and good humor. He continues to explore life as a coach, poet, farmer and community organizer.

A smile for everyone...

A smile for everyone...

Lisa Gies, EdD Educational Leadership

Lisa considers herself a seeker. With the belief that we humans are all in the process of becoming our next best self, Lisa is guided by her mission “to facilitate sacred spaces where people can grow their authentic self as a means to transform lives”. This mission has evolved over years of service as a social studies teacher, middle school principal, university professor, personal and professional coach, presenter and consultant. 

This mission directly translates to the practical work of guiding individuals and organizations in their quest to maximize their potential through honest questioning, reflection and deep listening. 

Currently, Lisa is a professor at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her leadership philosophy has been influenced by the works of Otto Scharmer, Robert Greenleaf, Peter Senge, Parker Palmer, Bolman & Deal, and Margaret Wheatley.  Her teaching responsibilities include courses in Leadership Theory and Practice, Leading Change in Complex Organizations, Leadership Ethics and Analysis of Systems Leadership. Lisa has earned certificates from the following programs: The Presencing Institute, Servant Leadership, Coaching for Leaders, and Mindfulness for Educators Facilitator Training. Her research emphasis is on personal and organizational transformation using Otto Scharmer's Theory U and cultural proficiency.

In addition to teaching, she co-leads the Cardinal Stritch University’s strategic planning and implementation process, serves on the Faculty Council, the Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce and the Mindfulness Gathering group.

Lisa is a worship associate and an active member of the Spiritual Formation task force at her church.  When Lisa has down time, she can be found cultivating relationships, golfing, cooking, traveling with her partner, playing with her dog and being in nature!  Her motto: Live, Laugh, Love.